Build a huge and Loyal Customer base with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

By | January 10, 2017

The effective communication between customers and the organization is always regarded to be the only key for a business to flourish in the competitive world. To ensure this, a thorough understanding of their buying behavior is essential. However, the human nature is itself unpredictable, and the information technology has made it more complex to understand. This is a great challenge, and only a state-of-the-art automated marketing solution can lead us to achieve this goal. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a suitable example here.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps you capitalize your marketing efforts by incorporating the marketing automation tools and features with the inherent advantages of Microsoft Azure cloud. As announced by Microsoft, the new Marketing application includes features and benefits, such as, “functionality to model and manage customer journeys across marketing and sales, lead management across marketing and sales, and sharing the same Dynamics 365 platform as the Sales app”. The Marketing app will include email marketing, event management, landing pages, and lead management as well.

With an aim to provide a comprehensive marketing service, it enables you to make your customers feel delighted by personalizing their experiences of your company or brand. This way, it helps you increase your market impact by executing effective marketing campaigns.

Here are the key benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers:

1.  Get a holistic customer view

The solution lets you to use the unified customer profile in Adobe Marketing Cloud, which lays the foundation to your entire marketing efforts. The application allows you to devise an integrated, and multi-channel marketing strategy. It helps you create a single data mart which comes online and offline data about the customer. Furthermore, on the basis of customer’s information, it helps you reap the benefits of its finer marketing segmentation capabilities.

2. Create personalized campaigns

Since you have entire yet relevant customer information at your disposal, you can create personalized marketing campaigns. Here, this application helps you establish one-to-one personalized communication, as it assists you in suggesting offers that would be in congruence with the customer’s specific behavior. Obviously, such a personalized messages are more likely to convert a lead into a new customer. At the same time, it helps you win a life time loyalty for an existing customer.

3. Execute integrating marketing channels campaign

The application has been designed to help you visualize an integrated campaign that runs across numerous media channels, like, earned, paid and owned channels. The capability to coordinate campaigns across multiple channels simplifies your efforts in this direction greatly. Further, the application gets you automated workflows, so that you may keep on retargeting across channels. With inbuilt intelligence capabilities, it makes use of real-time insights into the intended results.

Starting from intelligent analysis of customer information, drafting personalized message, and communicating with wider audience, this application helps you optimize your endeavors, by paving you a way to build a huge and loyal customer base.

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