Boost Sales and increase revenue using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

By | January 18, 2017

There can be no better way to convert a lead into a customer or to win customer loyalty, than offering him exactly what he needs to buy. Almost every sales professional acknowledges that predicting the customer needs is a great challenging task. No matter how experienced a sales person may be, there is always a little chance of missing something critical in the deal, and the customer may find it later. Further, the key to win the long-term loyalty requires you to provide the customers personal attention. This could easier to manage if your customer base is small, but not so if it’s growing continuously, coupled with their increasing complex needs.

Here, you will need an automated system which could assist you during the entire sales process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales comes with such capabilities which helps you in optimizing your sales performance.

A little description of how it can boost your sales process and revenue generation by modernizing it with state-of-the-art technology:

1.  Improved decision making

By employing in-built digital intelligence in the sales process, Dynamics 365 eases your task of identifying the true customer needs. Here are a few tools helps you in making sound sales decisions:

•   Social Engagement visuals

Microsoft Social Engagement keeps you abreast of useful information available of the social media networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can monitor people views, comments, and responses on your products or services. You can further analyze these data and presentable charts and graphs, which can help you in figuring out the trends. All you do is to add the social engagement visuals to the dashboard.

•   Insights

Powered by InsideView, Insights can help you the find, understand and engage more qualified buyers. This way, you can boost your sales by improving the chances of closing the deals.

•   Versium Predict

Versium Predict has been designed to enhance your existing marketing process. With predictive analytics, it allows you to precisely target your campaigns. It can perform a number of key tasks for you, such as, building predictive models, scoring the leads, generating new leads, and enriching your lead data with additional information like contact details, financial information, social information and demographic data.

2.  Reduced acquisition costs

With the built-in digital intelligence and automated business process, Microsoft Dynamics helps in the substantial reduction in the acquisition costs during the entire sales process in your business. Thus, it quickens your revenue generation, and increases your business profitably.

3.  More Focused approach to sales

With the system, you can speedily identify the most potential customers, and thereby a lot of the precious time of your sales team will be saved.

4.  Smarter sales process

With Dynamics 365 for Sales, as a sales management solution, you can close the deals much faster than earlier. Here, the key factors are actionable insights, personal engagement, and customer management. Actionable insights comes you with its predictive analytics, digital intelligence and automated lead scoring capabilities. Personal engagement involves taking notes and share your work with team and vice versa. This way, it brings practical wisdom to your work, and so helps you in personalizing every engagement to the buyer’s journey. Furthermore, you can improve your customer management with receiving updated social insights, company information. Thus, with the help of Dynamics 365, you can make your sales process much smarter i.e. efficient, collaborative, insightful and well informed…anytime and anywhere.

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