Drupal 8 Upcoming Features will Change the Web Scene

By | April 8, 2014

Various customizations in web world are the results of widening of the reasoned minds. Open-source content management framework fit to be the best examples of what got said. These frameworks have taken away the burden of writing the coding for each & every function you want the site or the platform to have. Drupal too happens to be such content management framework. Now even a novice with the support of Drupal customization in place in today’s Content Management Systems can think wide other than only coding.

Even these Content Management Systems too keep on innovating. It leads to put forth their new versions. Drupal 8 fits on what got said. Expectations getting high from new version are quite obvious. Lets talk straight about Drupal 8.

Content Editing

  • Content editing has got simplified as now it will simply take one click to change the text directly in body.
  • It will be like a boon for those who are in the domain of authoring the content but have less experience of coding of the website.

Programming to be Object Oriented

  • Object is usually considered to be a combination of variables function & data structures.
  • Programming which is usually object oriented not only defines a data structure’s data type but also applies to operations as well.
  • In Drupal 8 there is new PHP framework that makes use of namespaces. It will help developers to have in place more practices which are modern.


  • Now we have the replacement of Drupal’s WYSIWGYG as CKEditor. It will also be remain in default.
  • It will now simplify the task of editing the HTML.


  • Its an addition to Drupal. By this the screen readers find the direct output.
  • Now it will help to make site more accessible for visually impaired. It will simply lead to increase the usability of the sites & bring the users closer to the sites.

If such remain to be the fantastic features of Drupal 8 then it is sure that such CMS will find much more usage. Innovating the versions is a usual trend but trend should remain of the optimum usage of the version got innovated. Drupal 8 too should toe the same line.

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