How much time does a Business Central implementation take?

By | April 18, 2023

Consider the following scenario: You’re looking for your first or next ERP solution for your company, but you’re concerned about a few factors. First and foremost, you’ll probably think about functionality and price – how much this will cost, does it have what I need, and will it pay off? After you’ve identified a feasible ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you move on to additional issues, such as the dreaded “How long will this take to implement?”

How much time does a Business Central implementation take?

There are also other more factors to consider. But let’s focus on the last concern: how long will it take to install and how much delay will there be? And this is a valid concern because execution requires not only monetary but also a time investment. You want to plan to go live and educate workers when your company is not busy, and you don’t want an implementation hanging over your head for any longer than necessary.

So, how long will it take to implement Business Central?


What you certainly know is that ERP installations are never one-size-fits-all—whether you’ve never used one before, are re-implementing a different ERP, or are moving from one to another. The time it takes to implement is determined by numerous aspects, including business size, your partner’s capacity, your company’s needs, whether it is cloud or on-premises, and much more. Effective communication helps accelerate implementation by removing uncertainty and clarifying goals and deliverables right away.

Basic implementation

A basic implementation is one with little or no modifications. If there are any adjustments, they are minor. In essence, a basic implementation is pretty much out-of-the-box functionality, which means that the procedure requires less preparation and time. Don’t worry, even with basic implementations, MetaOption takes steps to connect with you and truly understand your business, industry, procedures, and specific demands.

On average, basic implementations can be completed in six weeks.

Average implementation

An average implementation includes more alterations, some modest and some substantial. We term it “average” not because they are all the same, but because more businesses appear to want this amount of customization while still employing many out-of-the-box features. And that seems fair, given Business Central is a solid ERP designed for various businesses, with both out-of-the-box capability and customizability.

Typically, an average implementation takes three to four months.

Complex implementation

Complex implementations are exactly what they sound like: they include a lot of changes and thus take longer. Whether there are numerous little adaptations, or perhaps there are a few significant ones, all of which belong to this category. A complex integration uses a lot of out-of-the-box capabilities. Also, leveraging Business Central’s unique flexibility by customizing as per the need of the firms. Usually, a complex implementation takes six months.

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