What Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics GP have to offer different Departments

By | January 19, 2017

With the release of Dynamics GP 2016, Microsoft has introduced several new features and modifications including OData services and Power BI integration targeting the users interested in Business Intelligence and reporting in and off Dynamics ERP data.

Business Intelligence transforms the system data into resourceful information. With Dynamics GP you get number of choices of how to extract and utilize this information in a way that it can help your corporate decision making in an effective way.

•  Sales Department

•  The Budgeting and Forecasting tool enables your sales team to forecast and predict sales keeping in consideration the sales person, product, partner etc. It graduates your sales department from old school manual processes causing information overload, broken links etc. to modernization allowing your team to use a web form on top of the database.

•  Reporting and Analysis enable your sales department view, analyze and compare sales data from Dynamics GP on your GP module dashboard.

•  Marketing Department

•  Budgeting and Forecasting are the two of the major factors your marketing team requires when they are planning their strategy for next year.

•  Reporting and Analysis enable marketing team to learn about their products’ sales point from their anecdotal or qualitative analysis and can derive their full performance.

•  HR Department

•  Budgeting and Forecasting help HR departments in making decisions when it comes to resource allocation and gives them the opportunity to monitor and track company’s cost control and revenue generation performances.

•  Reporting and Analysis enable HR department to relay and present the companies’ financial position easily and efficiently by showing it in a concise, and understandable manner.

•  IT Department

•  Budgeting is important for IT department for determining its expenditure on resources while also providing department value to the company.

•  Reporting and Analysis allow your IT department to utilize factual data analyzing trends or explaining the adjustment in forecasted values. BI solutions help them continuously in making decisions without disrupting the workflow.

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