How Advanced Warehouse technology can transform your Warehouses?

By | September 3, 2021

Your business depends on a warehouse that is efficient and cost-effective. From streamlining tasks to operations automation, you’re ensuring you remain strong and thriving in the world of business. Business Central with advanced warehouse technology brings together comprehensive organizational information, automates manual tasks, connects processes and workflows, enables fact-based inventory management.

How Advanced Warehouse technology can transform your Warehouses

Whereas, the integration of the Advanced Warehouse Management System with Dynamics 365 Business Central can help your warehouse to use technology to the utmost degree. MetaWMS – Advanced Warehouse Solution is an extension for Dyn365BC that provides unprecedented visibility and control over your warehouse operations.

The top 3 benefits of advanced warehouse technology:

1. Visibility and Transparency

As addressed above, visibility and transparency are basic to a robust warehouse process. The more you get an update about your inventory, handling procedures, labor activities, warehouse conditions, and more, the better your decision, customer relation, and response to the warehouse challenges.

2. Warehouse Scalability

Scalability requires transparency and agility for the entire warehouse process. Do you want to expand your warehouse operations, expand your product line, or even reduce your warehouse area?  Advanced warehouse system will scale with your warehouse and assist you to avoid service interruption, communication interruption, and scarcity of labor.

3. Adaptation and flexibility in Warehouse

Percentage Change in demand has become the norm, not the exemption, and from this, floor space requirements and consumption in your warehouse are variable. Changing your way to deal with change as the conditions do is suggested. Also, changing your operations to put up the changing demand of customers is serious.

The order of advanced technology rank in your warehouse:

There’s no need to fly into the deep end. Start at the journey and build your advanced warehouse from the ground up.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Why? Your visibility, planning, and analytics capabilities will increase to put up any future advanced technology, demand changes, or process disorder you may look at. It starts from here.

Automated Inventory Control

Why? Everyone realizes why inventory management is so significant. The automated stock gives your real-time data on your stock, cycle counting, and reporting any variations as they occur.

Labeling and Printing

Why? Proper labeling is the way to monitoring your stock – regardless of how you oversee it. Bringing these capabilities into your warehouse permits your workers to receive, label, store, pick and pack with fewer errors and losses.

Handheld Tech

Why? Handheld scanners accelerate your inbound and outbound processes, save plenty of paper to save various trees, and reduce inventory fatalities due to mismanagement or warehouse thefts.

Automated Picking Tools

Why? Reducing the edge for error in your outbound order process allows you to deliver faster, more precisely, with less chance of product damage.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Why? These autonomous vehicles – like forklifts and pickers – work autonomously with your labor, reducing wastage of time and other errors.

Other IoT Devices

Why? The IoT is comprised of related technology in your warehouse. Once you completed the building of the support structure for your WMS, you can add advanced technologies to the mix for improved efficiency and productivity.

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