Wondering about benefits of Hosting Dynamics ERP with Microsoft Azure

By | May 3, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, including Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP, is constantly developing in respect of capabilities and market share. They have been proving themselves as a substantial aid to both mid-sized and large-sized organizations by allowing them to manage their operations more effectively and with less expenditure. Moreover, by running Dynamics on Azure cloud  you can meet your ERP needs with the completely integrated package.

However, if you are wondering about what will you gain from hosting Dynamics ERP with Azure, then you can rest assured as it surely adds value to your business by improving ERP solution’s  performance, to further improve your productivity and business. With Dynamics hosted on Azure’s cloud platform, the organizations are now able to benefit from the single solution that provides complete functionality and capability of Dynamics while saving money.

•  Since Azure is a Microsoft product it works well with integration of Dynamics and other applications like Office 365 too. Accessing all these applications centrally from a single location simplifies the updating and patching processes while increasing their performance.

•  Using cloud ultimately reduces costs for software, equipment, licensing and maintenance as all are administered by the cloud provider.

•  With cloud, organizations’ gain more flexibility as they can scale their resources and integrate new systems without affecting the production.

•  The Azure cloud platform can host multiple cloud-ready applications and infrastructures. This simplifies operations while enabling you to share resources across applications.

•  You get security and reliability guaranteed by Microsoft for your data on Azure cloud.

•  As Azure is Microsoft’s product, so regular upgrades and maintenance are provided by Microsoft. It also restores, provides backup and speedy recovery for your data in case of any disaster.

•  24/7 surveillance and technical support for your ERP solution.

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