Top 5 reasons to use Microsoft Power BI

By | August 24, 2022

Business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data visualization products and services are all part of the Microsoft Power BI portfolio for both individuals and teams. Power BI defines itself with effective publication and distribution capabilities and integration with other Microsoft services and products. Additionally, BI is still a key tool for empowering businesses, and Microsoft Power BI is the market leader for many reasons. Below are some reasons for utilizing Microsoft Power BI. But is it a wise decision for your company?

Top 5 reasons to use Microsoft Power BI

Reasons to use Microsoft Power BI

Customized visuals

Through capabilities including column, line, matrix, pie chart, and tables, all of which can be customized for unique business visuals, Power BI’s standard data visualizations can be made more dynamic. Power BI offers you a variety of customized visual files that incorporate dynamic features like decision trees, heat maps, and correlation plots in addition to the standardized package options. Utilizing custom images enables you to tell your company’s narrative in a unique way.

Better data consolidation

Through in-built connectors, the Power BI platform enables you to access data from numerous cloud-based sources, including DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Analytics, among others. The combined data can then be analyzed using a single detailed report. Additionally, you can access pre-built Power BI dashboards that can be modified to suit your company’s requirements. This helpful platform also offers a drag-and-drop interface, which reduces the need for laborious copy-and-paste operations.

Governance & Security

You can control security, user access, and stability, everything from the same interface with Power BI, so you won’t need to use any extra tools to ensure certain strict compliance and regulatory standards are fulfill. You can access your data via Single Sign-On (SSO) in addition to your usual Power BI login credentials thanks to the service’s integration with Azure Active Directory (AAD), also used for user authentication.

Useful Q&A feature

When using Microsoft Power BI, which features the helpful Q&A function made for natural language queries, there are no technical coding skills needed. To open the search box and look for anything related to your business data, just double-click on a blank area of the canvas. In addition to voice recognition through Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, predictive suggestions will provide direction on potential search alternatives, becoming more accurate over time.

Easy integration

Excel, another well-liked Microsoft product, is smoothly integrates with Microsoft Power BI. You can access an interface that closely resembles Excel using the “Analyze in Excel” tab, making it considerably more comfortable for new users who are already familiar with Excel. They will also have the advantage of being quick at seeing trends in Power BI and utilizing the Power Query tool.


Power BI and other business intelligence solutions offer you the tools you need for better strategic analysis of how to combine your data streams, improve accessibility, and get better insights. They also enable you to analyze your data and keep your organization operating smoothly.

It’s simple to understand why Power BI is growing in popularity among businesses seeking better insights, dynamic dashboards, and robust reporting. The moment has come for you to make use of the many tools and services that are available to help you get ready for a successful Power BI implementation and enhance data insights throughout the company.

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