Is the old NAV system holding your GovCon business back?

By | June 7, 2024

Are you also on tight deadlines, complex regulations, and the constant pressure to provide exceptional results for your government clients.  Having the right technology can give you a competitive edge by making your processes more efficient and empowering your team. However, if you are still using aged systems like NAV, they may be hampering your growth rather than helping it.    

Microsoft ended mainstream support for all Dynamics NAV versions in 2023. This means that NAV will no longer get feature or non-security updates.   

And by 2028, Dynamics NAV will also be phased out of extended support. 

By 2028, Dynamics NAV will also be phased out of extended support, 

Many companies that currently rely on NAV as an ERP system are considering a transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the near future. But when is the best time for your Gov-Con business?  

To determine the best timeline for an upgrade of Business Central, you must consider several factors, including your NAV version’s Microsoft support lifecycle, your security and regulatory compliance needs, the benefits of innovative technologies and your changing business requirements.   

And let’s be honest – Microsoft NAV might have served its purpose in the past, but the GovCon industry has changed dramatically.    

If you are experiencing any of the following signs, then your erp technology stack is holding you back! 

Compliance Nightmares  

You’re completely lost in an audit, carefully working through spreadsheets and determining how those expenses fit into your complex contract framework. You’re struggling to meet new reporting requirements that your legacy erp system simply cannot handle. Does any of this sound familiar?   

Aging software, such as NAV, was not designed to meet the project specific requirements for detailed cost tracking and reporting required by DCAA audits.  This puts you in a constant state of catch-up, with a real risk of these challenges resulting in the following consequences: 

  1. Costly Errors: A single data entry error can result in disallowed costs and reduce your reimbursement potential.  
  1. Failed Compliance Audits: Failure to produce the necessary reports at the appropriate level of detail jeopardizes your compliance and future contract eligibility.  
  1. Wasted Time and Resources: Compliance becomes a fire drill, preventing your team from focusing on strategic growth. 

Can’t See the Big Picture, Can’t Make Smart Moves 

Winning profitable contracts is what drives the growth of your GovCon business. However, if you can’t see which projects profitable, which tasks are are over budget, or where your most valuable resources are being used, you’re essentially flying blind. 

Relying on aging erp platform like NAV for reporting means: 

  • Lots of Guesswork in Growth Strategies: Bidding on new project becomes a huge gamble when you don’t have accurate historical data to adjust the pricing. 
  • A risky Growth Path: Scaling your operations is hard when you can’t clearly see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 

Without real-time insights into your projects, you’re constantly reacting instead of making proactive decisions that drive growth. 

Is your system both secure and safe?   

GovCon revolves around sensitive information. Simply put, outdated software, such as NAV, was not designed with the adequate security standards required to protect your own business systems, intellectual property, and client data. 

Here’s the problem: 

  • Evolving Threats: Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, with more of them targeting government contractors. 
  • Compliance Isn’t Optional: Standards like CMMC and NIST 800-171 are becoming increasingly important. NAV likely leaves you exposed. 
  • It’s Not Just Fines: Not only will you face fines, but a data breach will harm your reputation with government clients and could make you ineligible for future work – a risk too great to ignore. 

There are Multiple Systems 

Completing complex projects on time and within budget requires team collaboration. There will be chaos and a lack of collaboration if everyone uses different softwares, such as one for project details and another for finances. 

The consequences of disjointed tools are real: 

  • Frustration = Lost Hours: Your team wastes time chasing down data and correcting mistakes caused by miscommunication among these tools. 
  • Delayed Projects, Unhappy Clients: Missed deadlines and a lack of transparency harm your reputation with the agencies you rely on. 
  • Scaling = Impossible: Imagine trying to grow your team or take on larger projects when your systems actively work against smooth collaboration. 

Outdated Tech = Missed Opportunities 

New contract types, technological advancements, and changing laws—your software shouldn’t restrict your ability to adapt. However, this is exactly what happens with NAV. 

  • Innovation is Out of Reach: You wish to implement efficiency-boosting tools, but NAV’s lack of flexibility makes integration difficult or impossible.  
  • Trapped in Your Niche: Taking on new clients demands a level of complexity that your outdated system is incapable of handling.  
  • Competition takes the lead: While you’re looking for solutions, other businesses are leveraging innovative technologies to improve services, win bigger contracts, and automate operations. 

MetaPro + Business Central: The GovCon Solution 

Designed for Change, Designed for Success! 

A technology platform that is as adaptable and durable as your company is necessary. Here’s what you should look for: 

  • DCAA: A system that includes accounting, reporting, and cost tracking in accordance with DCAA regulations, ensuring seamless compliance.  
  • Driven by insight: Using real-time data on project expenses, resource utilization, and profitability to inform strategic decisions.  
  • Secure to the Core: Advanced encryption, access controls, and audit trails protect confidential data while complying to strict cybersecurity standards.  
  • Adaptable by Design: A system that does not require costly upgrades to accommodate changing business requirements, complex contracts, or new regulations. 

 The Right Tech is essential for Your Competitive Advantage 

Don’t let outdated software be a hidden obstacle to your GovCon success. It’s time to get rid of the legacy erp that limits your growth, weakens compliance, and undermines your team’s efforts.  Investing in the right erp solution ensures your company’s long-term success. 

Also, the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are further enhanced by MetaPro,  with specialized features and flexibility for Gov-Con companies. 

About MetaPro  

MetaPro is an extension for Microsoft Business Central and can support any project structure, allowing you to track all project-related information for better project control and planning. It also allows you to estimate a project, track its status, allocate resources, calculate project costs, and invoice. The MetaPro solution for Professional Services provides the tools required to effectively manage projects and resources throughout their entire lifecycle.

Ready to take your government contracting business to the next level?  Contact us today at MetaOption to learn how Business Central can help you win more contracts.

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