Features require in ERP for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies

By | May 19, 2021
Features require in ERPs for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies

ERP system in the pharmaceutical industry needs an ERP that is tailor-made for the industry’s regulations and norms.  The pharmaceutical industry contains typical processes which become challenging to manage. A company that consists of a similar field may find it significantly easier to manage the processes with the help of an ERP which is designed specifically for the companies related to pharmaceutical and life sciences.

Whereas, MetaPharma breaks the myth of SMEs by helping them in finding the solution of their problem with an Integrated Pharma ERP solution i.e., MetaPharma. It’s a robust ERP solution that helps to outgrow, outperform and outdo the competition. Unavoidably, such ERP solutions should cover most of the processes, but it’s important to look out for some specifications.

Let’s see what are those features require in ERPs:

Formulation and Pre-formulation Management

The manufacturing process of the drug comprises strict formulation and monitoring of raw material ingredients and finished product yields to produce a batch. The pre-formulation stage includes defining production procedures of drugs, stages, quantities, etc. With a robust ERP system, such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, pharma companies can ensure automation of these formulations without continuously watching productions and no worry of manual errors.

Meets Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is the most important factor for all pharma companies. It is essential to follow safety and healthcare protocols to maintain global standards. Whereas, Dynamics 365 Business Central can serve as a game-changer. It has a flexible interface, centralized networking features, and automation solutions. That allows pharma companies to keep up with the changing rules and regulations and helps manufacturers to track these measures and stay compliant.

Higher Level of Security

Approval and validation in pharmaceutical are important ways to ensure that every part of the supply chain is running smoothly and efficiently. Besides being readable and unique, the e-signature of each employee. It requires two forms of validation either a password or a user code. Make sure you confirm that the ERP you’re looking for has built-in e-signature capabilities, as well as an ability to customize them.

Precise Quality Management System

Consistency, quality, and safety are all important factors in process manufacturing, even more so when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Being compliant is one of the biggest challenges a pharmaceutical company faces and no compromises can be made. MetaPharma, an ERP solution integrated with the Dynamics 365 Business Central is suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturers. It contains quality management and control functionality. It covers the whole process from the purchase of raw materials to the manufacturing and post-manufacturing stage.

Subject to Customization

Though a lot of capabilities of pharmaceutical ERP should be already built-in it’s important that the solution is customizable. Regulations change, business process change, and so should your ERP. MetaPharma offers customization that would suit the exact needs of your company and can make changes at any time, not just at the beginning of the implementation.

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