Mobile Warehouse Management Solution and Barcode Scanning

Most warehouse managers often find themselves battling inefficient operations due to inaccurate warehouse transactions and time-consuming manual tracking. MetaWMS brings a mobile warehouse `management solution which supports all Dynamics 365 Business Central location and item tracking configurations. Fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central: Mobile Warehouse Management Solution MetaWMS meets Microsoft’s uppermost standards for Business… Read More »

Simplify the production process in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

All over the planet, we keep on seeing rising interest for admittance to quality medical care. This has put a ton of tension on the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, which is finding it challenging to smooth out innovative work (R&D) processes, decrease general costs, and further develop time to showcase, guarantee 100% security and administrative consistence, upgrade creation… Read More »

Top 5 reasons to move your business to the cloud in 2022

Being competitive and innovative is the most important factor of success. Whereas cloud technology allows you to quickly access files, easy interpretation of complicated data, and vendors improved security benefits. From reducing IT costs, operational costs to boosting innovation, there are many compelling reasons to move to the cloud in 2022. However, making the move… Read More »

How secure and compliant is your Government Contracting Business with Business Central

The aspect of central standards keeps rapidly evolving for the businesses that deal with government contracts and produces misunderstandings and indistinctness about following industry guidelines. Such indistinctness exposes the weaknesses of the companies. If your government contracting business doesn’t fulfill the important compliance terms, there is no future to stand out in this highly competitive… Read More »

How LS Central can helps to control your Restaurant Services?

Restaurant that offers quick and better services or counter services can get benefit from the functionality offered by LS Central. This functionality of LS Central helps to take control of your restaurant’s services by connecting your floor staff with the kitchen so that they can deliver customers exactly what they order: quickly and accurately. LS… Read More »

Transform your retail business with LS Retail POS and Inventory Management Solution

LS Central is a fully integrated retail management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings in POS, e-Commerce, Inventory management, Financial Management, and other customer engagement capabilities to the retailers. In addition, with this solution, you can access all your business information as and when you want. With the functionality of LS Central, retailers… Read More »

Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Top benefits of ERP for batch process

Manufacturing is one of the important processes of the pharmaceutical business. There are many features involved in a manufacturing process like maintaining the quality of products, following compliance, etc. In which batch process in the manufacturing that works within the pharmaceutical industry can benefit themselves by using Pharmaceutical ERP solutions. The benefits of ERP for the… Read More »

Future is in the Cloud: Cloud-based Document Management System for Dyn365BC

Nowadays, most business organizations have been using some sort of document management. Either it is on paper, or online. While we at MetaOption have encouraged businesses to digitize documents for years, many businesses are just starting to move their Document Management System (DMS) into the cloud. Look why cloud-based document management systems are becoming so popular that… Read More »