How to Utilize MetaWMS with Dyn365 BC to Limit Manual Entry

By | March 18, 2021
How to Utilize MetaWMS with Dynamics 365 Business Central to Limit Manual Entry

For manufacturers, those who are planning to use Dynamics 365 Business Central or those already doing. So, adding a MetaWMS – Advanced Warehouse Management solution that seamlessly integrates with Dyn365BC has a major impact on warehouse-operations. Why MetaWMS? It helps to remove the time-consuming-task of manual entry of customized product orders and eliminate costly mistakes in customizing sales-orders. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss the capabilities and benefits of using MetaWMS and how to start implementing one.

Capabilities of MetaWMS

Bin: Organize your warehouse by distributing items to bins, the smallest unit within the warehouse’s logical structure. Bin assignment finishes in the step with the item journals or on to the document lines.

Licensing plating: License Plate Management provides users with the ability to track and generate labels to reference entire pallets, boxes, crates, and containers that contain mixed items or mixed lot/serial numbers. Also, license plate barcodes are easily print directly from handheld devices and use for picking, receiving, movements, consumption, and shipping.

Pick: WMS enables warehouse workers to create a pick from the released order. It manages by a separate user interface when shipping items in an order-by-order environment.

Put Away: It enables warehouse workers to create a put away from the released order. Put Away manages by a separate user interface when receiving items in an order-by-order environment.

Barcoding: The ability for the mobile scanner to read any 1D/2D barcode for BIN, License Plate, Items and present the data to the user in real-time on the device.

  • Bin Content
  • License Plate Content
  • Item Details, Available Quantity, Quantity in BINs / LPs, Quantity in Production, etc.

Operational Benefits

The most notable benefit of MetaWMS that managers will notice right away is the time saved by end-users that would typically need to manually quote and order customized items. Automating this manual data entry process will also lead to other benefits as well.

Less manual input will decrease mistakes made within customized orders and improve the efficiency of the Business Central users. Product configurators can also automatically generate assembly, BOMs, and routing for quotes and orders. Additionally, products should add to the system, configurations can be re-use or additional configurations create to ensure all product offerings are available for ERP users to utilize.

Who should get Benefits?

For manufacturers utilizing the manufacturing module within Business Central, a MetaWMS will almost certainly provide some benefit. It allows less complexity in product options and variations as needed means it is easy to configure for unique product offerings. If you are only managing manufacturing processes with job functionality in Business Central, it may provide less benefit depending on existing processes. This is because advanced warehouse management relies on a set of rules for product offerings, if products are considered one-off projects and utilize unique items each time in Business Central, it may be difficult to utilize warehouse software efficiently.

If you’re looking to implement MetaWMS for more information and a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption.

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