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MetaOption Extensions/Add-Ons

MetaOption is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and offers a number of add-on products. Every Add-on is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics world. You can use all functionalities without leaving your Microsoft ERP environment.

MetaOption selection of add-ons and bundles is constantly growing, and we build them based on customer feedback and requests. If we don’t have something yet, we’ll build it for you! Each solution uses the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology.

Our Microsoft Dynamics solutions at a glance

advanced warehouse solution

MetaWMS – Advanced Warehouse Solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central

MetaWMS Advanced Warehouse Solution is an extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central that provides unprecedented visibility and control over your warehouse operations using industry leading best practices including intelligent pick and pack processes, handheld 1D/2D Barcode scanning, label printing, inventory counts, integration with shipping carriers, reporting and invoicing.

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advanced warehouse solution

MetaADCS – Advanced Warehouse Solution for Dynamics NAV

MetaADCS Advanced Warehouse Solution helps to control, optimize and automate warehouse operations. With access to real-time inventory data, warehouse professionals respond quickly to customers, rapidly pursue new market opportunities and improve profitability by working efficiently with supply chain partners.

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pharma track trace

Pharma Track and Trace for Dynamics Business Central and NAV

Pharma Track and Trace ensures the visibility of drugs along the supply chain right from the time drug is manufactured till the drug is in the hands of a patient. It automates processes and grow your business, increase transparency, and aid in regulatory compliance.

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metadocs document management

MetaDOCS – Document Management for Dynamics Business Central and NAV

With MetaDocs- Document Management you can quickly scan documents straight into Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV or drag and drop electronic documents from multiple locations. It allows document versioning, editing and archive your documents into various locations.

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metamagento connector

MetaMagento Connector for Dynamics Business Central and NAV

MetaMagento Connector helps you integrate your Magento e-commerce store and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV. It enables you to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business which, in turn, can help you accelerate the growth of your business online.

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vendor 2d bar code

Barcoding & 2D Labels for Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV

It allows user to configure and print 1D and 2D barcodes for Items, BINs and License Plates. Multiple barcodes identities can be created to point to same entity in Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. Auto-generate barcodes identities by the system or supply user defined barcodes identities

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warehouse license plates

License Plates for Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV

License Plates enables users to combine multiple warehouse items, including serial numbers and lot numbers, into one license plate number for simplified transaction management. License plate barcodes are easily printed directly from handheld devices and can be used for picking, receiving, movements, consumption, and shipping.

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quality control

Meta Quality Control (QC) for Dynamics Business Central and NAV

Quality Control for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV manages all necessary tests, test devices and test documentation – during purchase, production and final inspection to increase the product quality.

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vendor portal information

Vendor Portal for Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV

Vendor portal is an easy and efficient tool to get account information by your customers and vendors online. They can just log in and all the information related to their account is there on the screen. Enable them View Purchase Order list, where they can easily review, acknowledge the same to their customers and uploading relevant documents on this portal.

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EDI integrates

MetaEDI for Dynamics Business Central and NAV

EDI integrates the electronic data exchanges between you and your customers, suppliers, shippers and Internet shops directly into the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV business processes.

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