SharePoint Integration – An effective way to manage your documents

By | June 23, 2014

Microsoft SharePoint is an advanced content management system (CMS) where people can easily access the shared information in the form of files, documents and work space. It is the perfect way for storing and managing documents related to your customers like the quotes, orders and invoices as well. However, you can always install a CRM component onto your SharePoint for complete use of its functionality. They are also compatible with SharePoint deployment, but do not allow SharePoint online like Office 365. The software elements used for SharePoint includes Microsoft Office SharePoint Services, Windows SharePoint Server along with SharePoint Designer. They are quite helpful in combining the search modules along with process management modules and document management platforms. Some of the steps involved in dealing with SharePoint integration involve creation of a document library, custom URL to every customer folder along with adding a custom URL to the account record in CRM.

How does SharePoint with CRM works?

  • Initially, a document library is created within the SharePoint platform. Afterwards, a folder is also added for every customer and the URL is copy pasted into the notepad. The folder CTID parameter is located at the end of the folder ids. The new URL is then, copy & pasted into the CRM with the corresponding customer record in CRM. The new document location is also added with a name and the modified URL is again pasted. You can always save them by using the Save button. The document will be easily visible in CRM and you can always access the Share point online functionality.
  • For every account record, CRM 2011 provides a window or frame into the SharePoint installations. This window also points to SharePoint folders that have already been created. The systems are also integrated and separate. You should always remember them while looking for security in order to control the visibility and access to the documents. So, they are easily configured in SharePoint.
  • When the URL of SharePoint folder is copied, you need to remove all the initial information’s in the form of CRM complaints if it has more than 256 characters and then a parameter is added to the end. It is like a switch that prevents SharePoint from showing all the navigation headers. If the parameter is left off the integration looks like a screen shot. You can always delete a document location from the account’s record. It is done by navigating the documents management section of the system settings.
  • The increased user productivity is also a clear outcome by which the information and documentation can be accessed across multiple devices. The businesses using Microsoft products also have a set of business and office storage productivity solutions. They are also known for their superior integration between its file storage and sharing systems and Microsoft Office Suite. This integration also includes unprecedented access to editing and publishing on SharePoint sites. The SharePoint integration also leads to access to editing and publishing on SharePoint sites from inside the firewall where the data originates. It thus allows cooperation, teamwork along with sharing between businesses as to maximize the effectiveness.


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