Why Choose HTML5 for Games Development

By | May 6, 2014

Are you also one of those who thinks that it is time to ring out the old (read Flash) and ring in the new? No doubt, qualities describing HTML5 are many, brickbats few! So, it’s time to review the pros of why it is plausible to choose HTML5 for developing games. /span>

Consider the following points which put HTML5 in good stead for games development:

  • HTML5 presents true cross-platform development for you to build and deploy on desktop or mobile device (as wrapped in native application). It can even run on smart TV, or consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox making use of built in browsers!
  • You get the opportunity to develop games across whole host of platforms and devices with HTML5.
  • Offers simple and also cost-effective cross-platform delivery.
  • HTML5 game framework incorporate simple graphics, animation and will work on any device.
  • Unity and Flash have good browser support and are the right choice if you are developing for desktop only. HTML5 works with comparatively few changes on mobile devices. So, HTML5 displays versatility. It is on the phone, PC, laptops, smart phones and in your kitchen appliance too!
  • With HTML5, you have myriad web stores for your games — Face book, Windows App Store, The Chrome Web Store and Mozilla Marketplace… You have freedom to distribute your game on diverse platforms with HTML5.
  • Companies are adopting HTML5 and constantly improving on the development process. For instance, with Windows 8, Microsoft too has exhibited support for HTML5. It has permitted developers to create native application in HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • HTML5 is the lingua franca of the Web as code written in HTML5 can run on any browser. Such a game will be compatible to run on any device.

Play for Yourself: A few HTML5 Games for you!

Features in HTML5 such as 2D canvas aid in improving performance. And then the powerful hyperlinks in HTML5! You can share games by using links rather than downloading apps.

Robots are People too, The Convergence, Runfield, Angry Birds (The game uses WebGL for accelerated 2D graphics), Emberwind, Fieldrunners, Sumon, Bejeweled, Sketch Out, Onslaught! Arena, WordSquared etc. are HTML5 games. Take a pick on your favourite one!

Costs are cut down drastically in HTML5 games development as compared to the native platform. Add to this the fact that HTML5 game can survive on Apple, Windows 8, Blackberry, Android, Kindle or desktop — that’s full value for your time and money!


Today, everyone is switching from PCs to mobile devices. Keep this in mind when you start developing a new game using HTML5! Frankly, the debate about native apps Vs HTML5 has concluded long back.

Ready to run and monetize your games? HTML5 is on the spotlight and basking in the glory of it all! HTML5 is being utilized for cross-platform app development.

Discover for yourself how quantity of HTML5 games on social networking sites as well as app store market places has multiplied. The quality of games is improving as even large game studios are taking keen interest. This only shows that HTML5 games are actually gaining mileage and… momentum.

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