Is Drupal good for large entries of user registrations and user tasks on a website?

By | May 15, 2014

Drupal is an open source free web development and publishing platform that has been created by a group of professionals and vibrant website developer’;s community. They can be used to run some of the busiest websites and to design to any kind of visual design for the website. So, if you are new to Drupal, you should never miss the features of this website development and publishing platform.

Easy connection– Drupal allows you to easily connect your website with other sites and services across the web through feeds, search engines and aggregation. The integrated social networking module allows the user to communicate and target wider audience. It also helps in interacting easily with the file services and external media operations.

Easy to use– It is one of the easiest web development platforms where you can easily edit the content on your website. You can also upload new images and create new pages instantly, if you have prior knowledge of HTML codes. They also have several integrated modules that can help you in handling news articles and publishing content on the websites.

Great designs– The presentation layer allows the web-designers to develop and create highly interactive and visually appealing website designs that can attract and retain the visitor’s attention and can further increase website traffic. You can also use the existing theme for creating a layout for your website. It will offer a distinct identity to your website. However, you can always design a suitable theme as per your taste.

Multi-user platform– Drupal is a multi-user platform where internet users can log into the website and use their login credentials as per their convenience. However, there are various other options that you can simply browse through.

Easy website administration– Drupal is a highly integrated platform, which boasts several options for user permissions and new user accounts. You can always assign multiple roles to a single user, with different permission levels for each role. It can also restrict what users can view or create within the website. They also have an integrated reliable online help system that helps users with their individual requirements and assisting them with all the problems that s/he faces with the open source content management system. The new Drupal 7 theme has made website administration quite easier in the long run. Following which, it has become one of the most popular web developing platforms.

Inbuilt user registration facilities– One of the most attractive features of CMS Drupal management includes user registration facility. You can send e-mails to all the registered users by maintaining a team of people through your website.

Collaborative book– It is one of the most unique features of Drupal that allows you to create ‘book’ in a proper order. You can create a book with appropriate titles, content and can also add its subsections. You can also allow the registered and the authenticated users to write or edit new contents as per the requirements.

So, in the current web arena, Drupal CMS has emerged as the most advanced content management system. It is one of the best choices for large entities of user registration and user tasks within the website.

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