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Helping Organizations to improve material handling efficiency and labor productivity, maximize space utilization and enable multichannel fulfillment.

MetaWMS Advanced Warehouse Solution is an extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central that provides unprecedented visibility and control over your warehouse operations using industry leading best practices-including intelligent pick and pack processes, handheld 1D/2D barcode scanning, label printing inventory counts and integration with shipping systems, reporting, invoicing-to more efficiently run your warehouse and minimize handling costs.

All-in-one solution designed for enterprise businesses, primarily for manufacturers, logistics, pharmaceuticals, wholesalers and distributors, etc. As a fully integrated system with Business Central, get real-time access, accurate inventory data, warehouse professionals save time locating items or performing physical inventories, sales representatives can keep tabs on stock availability, and buyers can maintain optimum stock levels while minimizing carrying costs. Both solutions are highly capable of adapting to the changing needs of your growing company.

Advanced Warehouse functionality in MetaWMS can be implemented in different complexity levels, depending on a company’s processes and order volume. Thus, allows real time visibility of all your inventory at all times. Both systems, Business Central and MetaWMS are tightly integrated to create end-to-end supply chain optimization.

Warehouse Process

Supports all your Warehouse Process

  • Bin
  • License Plating
  • 1D/2D Barcode and Label Printing
  • Put Away
  • Pick
  • Purchase Order
  • Shipping with Integration to Multiple Carriers
  • Cycle Counting
  • Warehouse Receipt and Shipping
  • Multiple Locations
  • Expiry Dating with FIFO/FEFO Support
  • Streamlined Serial and Lot/Batch
  • Reporting
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Insight Works


Supporting Features that Enhances Operational Efficiency

MetaWMS is ideal for organizations in need of a powerful solution that provides the visibility, functionality, scalability, and flexibility critical to large enterprise business operations.

  • Bin: Organize your warehouse by assigning items to bins, the smallest unit in the warehouse’s logical structure. Bin assignment is done according to the item journals or directly to the document lines (does not apply to order lines).
  • Cycle Counting: Manage cycle counting, a basic method of verifying inventory record data used to maintain and increase inventory accuracy. Set up cycle counting on the item or SKU level.
  • License Plating: Easily track entire pallets, boxes, or containers of mixed items including mixed lot/serial numbers.
  • Internal Picks and Put Aways: Create picks and put-away orders for internal purposes, without using a source document (such as a purchase order or sales order). For example, pick items for testing or put away production output.
  • Put Away: Enable warehouse workers to create a put away from the released order. Put Away is managed from a separate user interface when receiving items in an order-by-order environment.
  • Pick: Enable warehouse workers to create a pick from the released order. The pick is managed from a separate user interface when shipping items in an order-by-order environment.
  • Stock-Keeping Units: Manage stock-keeping units (SKUs). Identical items with the same item number can be stored in different locations and managed individually at each location. Add cost prices, replenishment, manufacturing information, and so on, based on the location.
  • Warehouse Receipt: Enable warehouse workers to create a put-away from the receipt. Warehouse Receipt is managed from a separate user interface when receiving items in a multi-order environment.
  • Tasklet Factory
  • Warehouse Shipping: Enable warehouse workers to create a pick for the shipment. Warehouse Shipment is managed from a separate user interface when shipping items in a multi-order environment.
  • Multiple Locations: Manage your inventory across production plants, distribution centers, warehouses, showrooms, etc. including in-transit locations.
  • Barcoding:
    • The ability for the mobile scanner to read any 1D/2D barcode for BIN, License Plate, Items (Raw Materials and Produced Items) and present the data to the user in real-time on the device
      • Bin Content
      • License Plate Content
      • Item Details, Available Quantity, Quantity in BINs / LPs, Quantity in Production, etc.
      • High Jump
  • Over Receiving:
    • Allow receiving user to over-receive the quantities from Mobile Device at the receiving dock
    • Configuration matrix by Item and Vendor which allows admin to configure tolerance level of permitted over receiving by Vendor and/or Item
  • Movement:
    • Single-step movement process from Zebra Mobile Device for stock movement between BINs and/or License Plates
  • Label Printing:
    • Label Printing (2D, QR Code, Barcode, multiple barcode identities pointing to same entity)
      • BIN
      • License Plate (LP)
      • Item
      • Location
      • Softeon
    • Label Printing on Receiving
      • Warehouse personnel has the ability to print the labels at the time of Receiving from Zebra MC33XX mobile devices at the time of receiving
      • Prints Vendor, PO #, Receiving Date along with Item information
      • Lanham Associates
    • Label Printing on Picks
      • Warehouse personnel has the ability to print the labels at the time of Pick from Zebra MC33XX mobile devices at the time of receiving
      • Prints Sales Order / Work Order #, Pick #, Pick Date along with Item information
    • Customizable Label templates
      • Supported label dimensions
        • Item (Size: “2×4”, Size: “1×3”, Size: “0.5×2”)
        • BIN (Size: “2×4”, Size: “3×5”)
        • License Plate (Size: “2×4”)
      • Customizable
        • Existing labels are customization to include more info
        • New labels can be easily introduced
        • withoutwire

The Need for a Mobile Warehouse Management

Solution to Boost Productivity

Map Your Warehouse To Quickly

Locate And Pick Items

With MetaWMS you gain complete visibility of your warehouse stock. Simple Pick and Put-away processes make it easy to organise your warehouse and quick to find items when you need them.

It allows organizations to equip warehouse employees with mobile handheld devices fully integrated with the Dynamics 365 Business Central and to expect them to perform daily activities like 1D/2D Barcode Scanning, receiving, Pick, Putaway, Bins, License Plates, shipping of goods, transfers and others in a much faster and efficient manner. All operations are governed by the Dynamics 365 Business Central and immediately reflected into the Business Central automatically without a need for human intervention.



The MetaOption warehouse management system provides a central point of control over warehouse operations
across multiple facilities in a diverse range of locations

Existing Infrastructure

Mobile Handheld Devices

Material Handling Equipment

Latest Technology

Material Requirements Planning

Dynamics 365 Business Central

E-commerce shopping carts

Shipping Carriers

Warehouse Optimization: Improving Workflow Efficiency in your Warehouse

Workflow is a set of activities that is joined together to form a process that incorporates rules and business logic. Workflow depicts operational processes from start to finish, facilitating greater transparency and changes. Workflow-driven systems are more flexible and less expensive to adapt than WMS that relies on static hard coding. MetaWMS can train your IT resources to adapt workflows to enable you to make changes to your operations.

container management

Build your solution

These handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted computers and printers, paired with MetaOption WMS,
are purpose-built to provide enterprise-level support for your warehousing needs.

Handheld Mobile Devices

Handheld Mobile Devices

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Rugged Tablets

Rugged Tablets

Wearable Computers

Wearable Computers

Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners

Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners

Mobile & Industrial Printers

Mobile & Industrial Printers

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