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About Us

MetaOption is a technology services firm specializing in business applications and cloud solutions. We help mid-market and enterprise customers solve their business challenges through strategic consulting services, innovative offerings and industry-specific solutions built on the latest technologies.

MetaOption focus on learning your business and your business processes to provide total solutions to help you grow your business today and into the future. We are committed to being your trusted business solutions partner. MetaOption’s proven track record is built on our ability to maintain a high standard for talent and to retain an experienced staff that knows the ins and outs of our client’s business needs as they continue to change and evolve. We help our clients with their business problems every single day, by leveraging the best of what our products and technical support can do to make their business run faster, smarter and more efficiently. The value that we produce commands the loyalty that we maintain with our clients and as organization, our history has been successfully built on those business practices.

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As your full-service partner, we achieve success by providing solutions that meet your unique technology


Our Culture is the Difference

MetaOption was built on a foundation of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and servant leadership. We strive to maintain a culture of open communication, shared values and continuous improvement. Our team is dedicated to following through on our promises and building lasting partnerships with customers, strategic business partners, fellow team members and the greater community.

Our Values

Our values define our corporate culture and the high standards we set for everything – from how we treat our clients, our partners and each other to how we meet challenges and overcome adversity.


We believe in exploring new ideas and using out-of-the-box thinking to solve complex business problems efficiently and effectively.


Collaboration starts with empathy for others’ needs, a focus on shared goals and open channels of communication to guarantee the best results for our clients.

Integrity & Trust

We earn trust through ethical business practices, honest interactions, and respect for individual contributions.


Each of us takes ownership of results by taking responsibility for timely communications and consistent follow-through.

Continued Improvement

To deliver excellence, we continuously improve upon our own expertise, processes and best practices.

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