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Optimize the permission levels for users in Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is well known as a collaborative software solution for the enterprises in handling business documents among the users across the organization. For this, it allows you to create a SharePoint site, which as a platform for the sharing of the content among the users. Here, at this point, it should be noted the… Read More »

Essentials for improving your SharePoint site speed and performance

Creating a SharePoint site is the foundational step in developing the SharePoint environment in your organization. It’s a virtual place where all the related users can collaborate their work, leading to the optimum performance. Microsoft provides a number of templates to create a new on-premises SharePoint or SharePoint Online site. A few examples are- Team… Read More »

Seven reasons for you to upgrade SharePoint 2016

With the release of SharePoint 2016, a lot of customers have faced with the daunting question: should I upgrade to the most recent release? While we gave a deep dive into the upgrade and migration process, so we wanted to give you seven reasons why you should consider an upgrade. 1. Hybrid Cloud Support Growth… Read More »

How to Install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8

The installation process of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8 is simple and straightforward. It includes installation of prerequisite file, installation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, and configuration of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Steps to install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8 are as follows: 1.  Open SharePoint 2013 installation folder. Install prerequisite… Read More »