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A Powerful Solution for Manufacturers: Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. This solution supports the management of a single or group of companies by effective collection and validation of business data. With ERP’s advanced business tools, businesses can reach not only their objectives but also enhance their competitiveness and productivity, reducing costs and optimizing their workflows at a similar time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the foremost popular and most often chosen ERP solutions worldwide.

Also, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides innovative functionalities, capabilities, and solutions that stimulate business growth, it is an ERP solution dedicated to SMB, provides a wide range of capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics NAV increases development, fulfilling the specific needs of each business and organizations. Whereas NAV’s architecture enables you to form your daily business processes more efficient and streamlined, which helps to ensure better control over the company’s revenues and increases its profitability. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Usefulness

Finance and Accounting

Fixed Assets


Analysis and Reporting

Implementation Benefits

Complete control over your business!

The complete control refers that you have information of all business processes and workflows in your organization. That makes you able to take conscious and precise decisions. The ERP software supports the decision-making process, by enabling your staff to take the correct steps. Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you the certainty that the right person takes the right decision, which prevents unwanted expenses. This ERP system likewise empowers you to monitor your staff’s activity, work time, and utilization of resources.

Increased profitability

Quick decision making is the only way to get success. Use the capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics NAV to take your organization to a more significant level of business. The functionality of the ERP system supports cost reduction, improving the financial performance of your association.

Increased Security

Microsoft Azure and Dynamics NAV solution runs within a safe multi-level data center where data and infrastructure are physically and digitally ensured and secured in the most ideal manner, with broad intrusion checks, as well as back-ups made and conveyed every day.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure and Support

Microsoft Dynamic NAV and azure empowers vigorous security, reinforcement, and privacy controls in geographically scattered data centers and conveys 24×7 global support from Microsoft.

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