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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 New Features Overview

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 will be rolling out on May 2016, Unlike the existing GP web interface, which runs on Silverlight and was rolled out in phases, the new HTML5 interface is expected to cover the entire product in its initial rollout.

Microsoft says Dynamics GP 2016 will offer improved cloud computing, workflow enhancements and a more intuitive user experience.

Following are the glimpses of what it offers:

Introducing HTML5 Interface as web client

The new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is being introduced with HTML5 interface. Thus, it will eliminate the need of Silverlight interface as GP web client. By supporting multiple browsers and devices, the new interface is meant to exploit full potential of the cloud technology, and thereby leading to improved performance and navigation.

Power BI Reports on your Home Page

Integration with Power BI will allow GP 2016 to see reports containing snapshots of your data, directly from your home page.

Enabling All-in-one Doc View for Sales documents

With new GP 2016, users will be able to view all of related sales documents for a single transaction, just in one window. Users can access it from Customer Maintenance, sales inquiry windows, navigation lists and even from the home page.

Creating New Smart Lists from Favorites

This feature, using Designer, will allow users to create a new Smart List from a favorites, without removing extra columns from the default Smart List. Thus, it relieves users from frequent mouse-click routine processes. 

Exporting/importing Smart Lists from Designer

In GP 2016, Users can export and import Smart List definitions created with Smart List Designer, even from one install to the other.

Printing Budget Exception Reports

While importing a budget from Excel, the system will print an exception report which displays accounts that aren’t setup in Dynamics GP.

Enhancing Workflow – reassignment notifications

This feature provides users more control from older version. Email notifications can be sent to the new approver for Delegation, Escalation, and Alternate approval.

Extending secure https support for Management Reporter

Microsoft GP 2016 will give users the ability to deploy Management Reporter for https access. Thus, it allows users to access reports over secure communication.

Exporting numbers from Excel formatted as Numbers, not text

To streamline GP Excel reporting, numbers that are exported from Excel will be formatted as a number, instead of text.

Releasing with enhanced cloud computing capability

With an objective of capitalizing the advancement in cloud computing, Dynamics GP 2016 is being continued as a cloud based and mobile friendly solution, with much greater emphasis.

Contact us for any further updates of the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. You may also be interested in information on the recently released Dynamics NAV 2016.

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