Microsoft Dynamics + Parature — Compelling Combo for Customer Care!

By | September 29, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always delivered superior customer care and client satisfaction. And now, with Parature to augment its CRM capabilities, customer needs will be fulfilled much gracefully.

You are already aware that Parature is a provider of cloud-based customer engagement solutions and comes equipped with an extensive database as well as integration features.

Winning Features of Parature which aid in Customer Care

  • ‘Frequently asked queries’ database efficiently solves customer inquiries in call centres.
  • Reduction in web forms, volume of customer support requests coming via e-mails and phones, decrease in time taken to resolve customer issues and other repetitive inquiries.
  • Proper monitoring and prioritization of customer queries as they move through diverse channels to reach customer service desk.
  • Enhanced Business Process Flows (BF), fast searches, updated content and improved customer experience. For example, during analysis of a case by a customer support representative, the customer information and call script, both are displayed on screen for updated information.
  • Works through multiple channels such as chat and e-mail which are convenient for customers.
  • Automated interactions enable faster disposal of customer queries.
  • Individualised customer focus owing to integration with multiple applications along with 24/7 customer support service.
  • Use of knowledge base from self-service portals on the web and Facebook as well as reaching out to customers through mobile devices.

Broadened Customer Service Functionality with Parature

This welcome combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature has broadened customer service functionality to a great extent, incorporating live chat capability, self-service knowledge base, social monitoring and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). That’s not all! Add to these customer feedback tools, handling interactions across social channels and enhanced suitability for large enterprises as far as sales, marketing and customer service are concerned.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature together form a wonderful combination that makes for a real-time customer support platform for resolution of customer issues. By delivering quality support, Parature perfectly complements Microsoft Dynamics CRM in quicker responses to social media posts, queries, comments and conversations in real-time — High quality Customer Care. Not only that, the customer service requests/queries can be routed to the concerned department, if required.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Takes a Leap Forward with Parature

  • In the year 2012, Microsoft Dynamics CRM went for acquisition of Marketing Pilot for campaign management, content management, media planning and e-mail marketing.
  • NetBreeze was acquired in 2013 which enhanced social media conversations, customer sentiments about the organization as a brand etc.
  • In 2014, Parature amalgamates to render knowledge and issue management, customer self-service, support for call centre, text chat and unified service desk through multi-channel functionalities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature: Working Together for Success

Today, customers are well informed and it becomes imperative for business enterprises to upgrade and strengthen customer focus and customer services through enhanced collaboration with them. Scott Cook has rightly said, ”Instead of focussing on the competition, focus on the customer.” With Dynamics CRM and Parature working together, look forward for cloud-based solutions in the realm of customer care and self-service…enhanced CRM experience much beyond customer expectations!

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