Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow Development: A Full Solution Suite

By | July 22, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflows comprise of rules and procedures which enable simple or even complex automation of a business process. Such a workflow can run on an out-of-box entity or even on a custom entity, thereby making a great impact on your business enterprise. Sometimes, workflows are even utilized as an alternative to building a custom plug-in.

Advantages of Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution development framework wherein workflows enhance enterprise productivity while bringing down costs.
  • Reduction in project timelines.
  • Development of multiple applications with just one time investment in the business enterprise.
  • Reliable framework which assists in scaling and extending applications.
  • No need to update or modify framework from time to time as it comes backed by Microsoft.
  • Ability to work in consonance with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office.
  • Framework for flexible and collaborative, easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management application.
  • It ensures fast development of business solutions as per specific needs of the organization.
  • Gives additional benefits of security, workflow and data access — all in a much familiar environment!

Unique CRM Benefits:

Unique CRM Benefits

Functional CRM Benefits:

Functional CRM Benefits

Multi Stage Work Flows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Consequently, when workflows become more and more complex and grow in size, it becomes imperative to organize them appropriately. This can be done by utilizing Stages since they permit task grouping by breaking down tasks into smaller sections. Performance stress is diminished as a result of this.

Workflows can be used by creating customized workflow libraries, creation of processes which model business practices and the creation of reusable templates or modules for workflow efficiency.

Workflows, which are not well designed results in Infinite Loops which further, expand system resources. However, the run-time logic in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can locate and discontinue such workflows automatically.

The status of workflows can also be verified by monitoring running workflows in various parts of the system. This enables us to confirm errors and logic, which were omitted when workflows were designed.

Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

From custom workflow, data migration using third-party tools, plug-in development, custom report creation and version up-gradation from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013, many small and medium business enterprises have experienced growth by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM business solutions.

Multiple projects can be executed successfully for your business growth by Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, customization and up-gradation. Today, this business tool is being utilized in areas such as renewable energy, maintenance, marketing research, manufacturing, education and health care, entertainment, financial services, by NGOs, insurance and internet.

However, the best business solutions will come from tailored and customized workflows for increased efficiency. Analysis of client requirement has to be made and business issues have to be catered to as per specific business needs of the enterprise.

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