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Why you must invest in GOOD Web Hosting?

Almost every business now has its own website, as for a business its online presence holds as much importance as every other thing there is. A solid foundation for your website is as important as its design, paid traffic, content monetization and everything else. A good business needs a good website, and a good website obviously is much more than aesthetics and usability.

If you are thinking of cutting cost in hosting your website, then you should certainly change your way of thinking. Your website is digital home for your business, and hosting is both its foundation and roof. Now, you won’t want a house with a leaky roof and holes in the floor.

These days hosting has become quite common and widespread service that can be availed at very low price. And when you have to invest on a web designer, domains etc. you will certainly want to go for a cheaper service provider. It is not that you shouldn’t go for less price but when looking for a host price is not the only thing that matters. The biggest and cheapest hosts are the best options for long-term success is sure tempting but, not truth. Without a good host, everything else you invested in will be in vain.

But, why pay more than average? Why does quality of hosting even matter?

There are many ways in which these questions can be answered. Let’s dive in.

•   Security

A web is like an ecosystem, continuously polluted by malicious users and algorithms. Once a website is hosted, it gets important to ensure that your business critical data on website, gets maximum security. A good host blocks any unpatched vulnerabilities and handle critical security updates on your content management system to prevent your site from getting hacked.

•   Uptime guarantee : When running a business, you don’t want server crashes, slow connections, and repeat downtimes. Just like any business, you would want to stay available for your customers 24/7. Web hosting providers include a 99.99% uptime guarantee on network and power with all your reseller hosting accounts. This ensures that both you and your clients’ websites will receive optimal performance and uptime you deserve.

•    Speed

Website Speed is a very important factor for a positive customer response. Everyone is always in a hurry to get their work done. So, when they have to wait for a site to load then with their patience they start losing their faith in that site. Users find it tedious to operate on slow sites, so, they just abandon it.

•   Support

You might be thinking that support is not really important as you won’t be needing it that much. But you need to think it over. When the unexpected need of support arises you become desperate for a positive response. And with cheap hosts you are unable to get a satisfactory answer to your queries. They usually employ their junior staff at service centres and have long support response time.

•   Backups

The hosts generally don’t provide backups. In case you are dealing with right development help, they probably implement something to help you out, but the procedures will be very complex, and may exhaust a lot of your time and efforts. But the good hosts provide you with regular backups so that in case of disaster your data can be restored without breaking a sweat.

•   IP Neighbourhood

Service providers are also doing business. If they are providing you services at a very low price or even free (for some providers) then they must be gaining their share from somewhere else. These hosts cram your sites with other sites in the same environment. They are not likely to care about sites they host, so the other sites may be spams, sending you lots of garbage and you won’t even know that you are sharing your neighbourhood with these sites. This will affect the reputation your website, resulting in low mail delivery rates, possible blocking by web filters and many other consequences.

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