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Choosing Between Native and Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games

Virtua Tennis, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Tip-Off Basketball, Words By Post, Muffin Knight, Guerilla Bob, Fun Run and Minecraft Pocket Edition. You must have played them all with your friends! This has been possible due to diminished segregation between iOS and Android and implementation of cross-platform multiplayer games.

So, its adventure time with puzzling challenges with YOU, your Smartphone and some new friends and these gaming apps. Regardless of whether you are in the office or on the move, it’s all about just a bit of friendly competition on your phone. Are you ready with your gaming network?

Which Platform to Choose

Choosing a native platform or cross platform for developing mobile multiplayer games is not a tricky question any more. You already know the answer.

Cross platform multiplayer games have a cloud API which can be accessed by games on any platform. So, start playing your favourite game from Windows Phone to pick up from Facebook, iOS or Android. Play games with your real time friends on the virtual platform, anytime and from anywhere.

Latest Trends in Gaming technology

Do you know that the mobile gaming market is growing at a fast pace and is expected to be a $16 billion business by 2016. Gaming technology today focuses on the following criteria:

Native vs. Cross-Platform Game Development

Native Game Development includes use of platform-specific tools provided for the mobile operating system. The advantages include elevated user experience, adaptability in synchronization and advance integration with hardware devices.

Cross-Platform games run on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Start the game on Xbox 360 with your friend playing on his personal computer. Hours later, you can resume playing the game from your Windows Phone or your tablet or desktop!

Other attributes of cross platform mobile multiplayer games include:

Game development is not only about writing codes and animating lovely designs and visual effects. It is more about integrating them with social media, portability across various devices and platforms, incorporating push notifications, advertisements and multiplayer gaming frameworks, better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), brand identity and business value.

A single backend platform enables friends to play regardless of the devices they use, the freedom to choose, freedom to just be. It is time for the whole world to play together!

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