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How you can secure your data with Document Management System (DMS)

Considering the cyber threats companies across the globe face, especially during the pandemic (Covid-19), you need to ensure your data with the best solutions available. Keeping records of data is an important part of business, MetaDocs – Document Management System for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central a Cloud-based document management systems (DMS) are well known for their efficiency-boosting benefits, but did you know that it can help with your data security too?

Going Paperless Secures your Data

With rising cases of data breaches recorded at major companies, it’s easy to believe that paper documents are far more secure than digital records. But in actuality, digital records are more secure than paper. There is high risk and potential for fines involved in mismanaging physical documents. For starters, physical items are much easier to steal than electronic ones. Improper storage of physical records can also destroy your reputation and influence your customer base. Paperless solutions like a DMS let you convert crucial files into digital documents and store them in a secure place where data thieves cannot just walk into.

Document Management System Secures your Data through the Cloud

A cloud document management system is an online tool or service that facilitates the storage and managing of all your documents and information from a single point of contact. In other words, it’s a system that operates in the cloud where you can store all your files and company documents and retrieve them whenever you want from anywhere around the world. With the cloud, the storage space is adjustable to your needs, and if you can casually forget about backing up your files since they are automatically saved.

To protect your files from theft and loss, DMS software like MetaDocs takes full advantage of the cloud’s security features and employs measures of their own. These include:

DMS Accelerate OCR Functionality :

You can easily extract text from a scanned document such as a receipt, invoice, etc., and you can convert the scanned images into text files, searchable PDF files, or Microsoft Word files. This makes it easy to search through files to find the one you need, and then to search within the document itself.

Manage and Maintain Confidentiality:

Companies don’t need to endure the hassle of getting the right documents to the right client or employee anymore. With the click of a button, you can set up clients, partners, and vendors with access to their own records online, which are encrypted and password-protected. Security and safe file-sharing have never been easier with our cloud-based document management system.

Regulatory Compliance:

For industries like healthcare, food and beverages, and more, companies need to comply with certain government regulations and standards. You can easily integrate regulatory compliance with your DMS to make sure you meet the standards. Or if you are being audited, it makes it easy to find all the appropriate paperwork faster. You can quickly catalog and recover all the files needed during the audit process.

Permission control:

With DMS you can actually control who has access to which files. You can also set limits on what specific users can do to your documents. This feature helps prevent anybody from taking or modifying files that shouldn’t be accessed in the first place. MetaDocs takes this a step further with:

Document Security with DMS

Once paper files get lost or stained by an unfortunate coffee spill, you can’t retrieve the original contents. However, that’s not the case with document management software. Using a centralized document management solution can simplify the recovery of lost files, especially if the files are stored in the cloud.

In fact, MetaDocs – Document Management System further enhances your document security. For instance, you don’t have to remember where you saved your document. DMS does it for you. It reduces the human error of misplacing or mysterious disappearance of files. Even when you mistakenly deleted a file, specific systems will allow you to retrieve those lost files within a given time frame.

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