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What’s new to expect from Mobile Apps?

New Trends in The Use of Mobile Apps Mobile Apps denotes internet applications which run on tablets, Smartphones and other mobile devices. Originally, these Apps were utilized for retrieving general information on weather, calendar, stock market and even contacts. But their demand and usage expanded very fast into diverse categories like gaming, GPS support, banking… Read More »

Are web mobile apps are cheaper than native apps?

This article provides an overview on the concept of web mobile apps and native apps. Moreover, the excerpt distinguishes these two platforms on the basis of user reachability and its functionality. The burgeoning bloom of technology has indiscreetly enveloped a tremendous growth on various application programs that cater interactive usage and continuous development of hybrid… Read More »

Which Cross Platform Mobile Development Platform Should You Choose?

This excerpt discusses, which cross platform is best for a mobile development platform; moreover a cross platform importantly generates efficiency. As many developers realize that it is a cost-effective juncture, additionally reliable and takes less time. However, it is challenging to develop a cross platform for mobile application as there are individual languages and platforms… Read More »

Hybrid Apps: The future of mobile development?

The world of the mobile industry is ever increasing each day in all the dimensions; it can be platforms, network, features, devices, so and forth. Here lies the major impact of hybrid applications, which cater the development of assorted web technologies with the merger of the SDK and of powerful device features. Therefore, mobile applications… Read More »

Why Your Enterprise Must Rethink Mobile App Development

The generation has completely turned tech savvy, people are addicted to their tablets and Smartphone’s, and more significantly, one is always tuned to the Internet. Indeed, enterprise sublime responsibility is to target their services for software development platforms that is, to centralize a portion of their services by focusing on mobile application development. Mobile Apps… Read More »