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How to Install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8

The installation process of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8 is simple and straightforward. It includes installation of prerequisite file, installation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, and configuration of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Steps to install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8 are as follows: 1.  Open SharePoint 2013 installation folder. Install prerequisite… Read More »

SharePoint Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SharePoint comes across as much acclaimed and utilized Business Content Management System which aids in editing and modifications, maintenance of multiple documents, web portals, business processes and collaboration for increased productivity and sales. SharePoint comes across as much acclaimed and utilized Business Content Management System which aids in editing and modifications, maintenance of multiple documents,… Read More »

Integrate SharePoint with MS Outlook

Why should you integrate SharePoint with MS Outlook If you as an entrepreneur are looking out for a tool that will to increase the productivity of you and your employees, then look no further than Microsoft SharePoint. Project management, data sharing and organization features are some of the features of SharePoint. And if your business… Read More »

SharePoint Migration or Upgrade – Preparing to Succeed

The SharePoint platform has been the choice of most of the business organizations as various versions of SharePoint are used as content management sites, document management storehouse and business reporting tool etc. With new versions being launched in the market from time to time, it is necessary to upgrade to the latest version to derive… Read More »

Microsoft SharePoint – Migrating to Cloud Solutions

For successful SharePoint Migration, your present set up has to be prepared and synchronized for proper working in the future in a changed environment. This involves reducing the risks involved with migration along with architectural alterations, cost incurred, time and complexity. A governance plan in place will mitigate risk and ensure more security in terms… Read More »

SharePoint Online: Advantages Galore!

Office 365 launched in 2011, is actually online software, which is hosted in the cloud. It comprises of SharePoint, Exchange and Lync server solutions. Business enterprises have embraced it for many reasons which also include BI (Business Intelligence), Business Integration, enhanced communication between partners and employees, informed decisions, superior customer service and profitability. Advantages of… Read More »

Top Reasons for Microsoft SharePoint’s Popularity

The Fortune 500 companies have understood the magic SharePoint can create for their business enterprise! From Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to BI (Business Intelligence) & Enterprise search, the flexibility of SharePoint is immense. What SharePoint can do for you? Today, nearly all business enterprises have an instance of SharePoint deployed as a collaboration… Read More »

SharePoint Implementation – Ring into the New Technology

Business enterprises already know how SharePoint is useful for managing documents, BI, data sharing & collaboration between clients, employees & partners, custom application development, support of intranet, other portals and more etc. When you implement SharePoint, you say YES to success in your Business! With every launch of a new version of SharePoint, you should… Read More »