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What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016?

In an effort to smoothen work experience of the Dynamics CRM users, Microsoft has introduced numerous features for the business enterprises in the 2016 version. Also called as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a few of these are related to the enhancement in productivity and mobility offered by the system are as following: Productivity features 1.… Read More »

If you’re on the fence about choice of CRM, follow the article

Every business is built on customer relationship. They are striving to survive in this competitive marketplace, and thus need to build a strong customer service culture. The CRM software is the best solution to manage everything ranging from your clients to your contacts. Furthermore, it helps you handle your customer service, sales and marketing too.… Read More »

Are you utilizing CRM software service to its full potential ?

To survive and perform better in this competitive industry, you certainly will need a good Customer Relationship Management Tool. While going through the benefits of CRM, think about if you are using your CRM Software Service to its full potential. 1.  Better customer service Customers are the soul of any business. Every business needs to… Read More »

Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce CRM : A Comparison

This section highlights some of the key fact-based differences between two of the biggest CRM giants, namely, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM are two of the most popular CRMs available today. Both consist of many qualitative features, which force businesses to select them instead of other CRMs. But… Read More »

What Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 has new to offer?

The American Multinational Corporation, Microsoft is all set to roll out the latest and the most advanced update for their CRM platform. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 has been added with various new advanced features and tools, which will help businesses provide end-to-end customer experiences. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most advanced and… Read More »

How Can ERP & CRM Integration Help Your Business?

Business experts around the world recommend business owners and executives to integrate their ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems as an effective way of streamlining their business processes and boosting their productivity. The integration of ERP and CRM systems helps the business owners in accessing the company’s back-office as well as… Read More »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Banking & Financial Sector

In the current competitive working scenario, it has become essential for all business enterprises and organization to efficiently manage their customer relationships. Rather, we can say that the same is compulsory for all those business sectors, whose work operations and existence depend completely upon customers only. The existence of Banking & Financial organizations depend completely… Read More »

Top 7 Features of Upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

The American multinational corporation, Microsoft is all set to launch the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, in the fourth quarter of the ongoing year. The latest Dynamics CRM 2015 version will aim towards improving and strengthening the collaboration between sales and marketing teams, working in a business organization. The Dynamics CRM 2015 will also feature… Read More »

From Analytics to Decisions via Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting facilities are excellent to arrive at a definitive conclusion from an overview of the analytics. The Customer Relationship Management system is super rich in real-time information. Companies immensely benefit from an evaluation of patterns and loops in the analytical data. Furthermore, the social media integration of the Dynamics CRM solution… Read More »