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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration offers a fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Ecommerce Site perfectly integrated with NAV offering your business the leverage and adaptability to make the most of your finance. Manage products, stock, pricing, website merchandising, customers, web orders & product categories all from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Integrating Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV results in a powerful commerce system, providing organizations with an easy-to-use, cost-effective, flexible and complete solution that can increase efficiency and improve the management of your business. During the Magento Microsoft Dynamics integration process, we build a bridge between the NAV system to Magento’s database to ensure a continuous flow of data. This channel retrieves all data from the ERP including newly created orders, financials, inventory and order processing and automatically adjusts product updates and inventory into Magento database in real time.

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Types of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration

  • Instant Product Details: Various types of product be it simple, bundle, configurable or grouped can be created in ERP system and uploaded to Magento along with the product images and key attributes, special offers, promotions or discounts can be allotted against a specific product or product group for a stipulated time duration in MS Dynamic NAV which will show in Magento.
  • Automatic Order/Customer Details: Every time you enter a new order, the order details will be automatically integrated across your Magento and Microsoft NAV by our Magento NAV Connect. This makes it easy to access order information from either system. Whereas when an existing buyer creates an order, the integration will track for the unique consumer ID in Microsoft Dynamics NAV & then will place the order in front of existing buyer’s ID.
  • Payment Integration: This integration fosters all kind of Online payment options like Payment gateways, PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc. It is also useful in taking “Credit Card Information” from a PCI Compliant Magento Shopping Cart & will co-ordinate the back to NAV. In the NAV Sales order, the Online Payment Transaction ID & Payment Method will be mentioned.
  • Add-Ons

Sales Person

Sales Quote

Credit Memos

Implement Taxes

Gift Cards


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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Customer: By synchronizing your buyer’s data in both the systems a new customer gets created in Magento or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Inventory: The Physical inventory is synchronized with online store inventory, letting customers to see a perfect availability on Magento Store.
  • Products: Every new entry of a product information in the MDN will prompt product details to immediately show in Magento & vice-a-versa.
  • Track Shipment: From Magento platform or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can very easily track the real-time shipment status of your customer‘s order, be it B2B or B2C.
  • Credit Limits: You can allot credit limit to chosen customers to make purchase online(Magento) & offline (NAV) preventing them from crossing their credit limits.
  • Orders: When a new order is placed, the details are auto-synchronized between NAV and Magento, permitting you to access orders from either point of entry.
  • Customer Groups: In Magento you can create customer groups and apply special rules on prices and taxes which can be further synchronized and made available in NAV.
  • Tier Pricing: The tiered customer pricing, assigned according to customer groups as per factors of your choosing, can be determined in Magento and synched with NAV.

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