Benefits of Hosting Dynamics NAV on Partner Cloud

By | March 14, 2016

Owing to the significant benefits over the traditional on-premise option, cloud option has become a very popular deployment option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It not only relieves your headache of installing and maintaining IT infrastructure, but it also gives you the freedom to access your system from anywhere. Moreover, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosted on Partner cloud, you can ensure a high degree of productivity, mobility and reliability to your users. At the same time, it comes to you with lower cost and easier to manage.

Key highlights of hosting Dynamics NAV on the Cloud

In current scenarios every organization wants to eliminate the cost incurred on over-sized on-premises datacenter infrastructure, licenses and IT management. So to overcome this Hosting Dynamics NAV on Partner Cloud relieves you from making unnecessary upfront investments on hardware and software, which could otherwise be directed towards some other more essential business operations.

Reliable and secure
MetaOption has industry leading up-time guarantees for infrastructure and applications. With regular backups and fail over capacity to physically distributed datacenter, the Dynamics NAV hosted option gives you disaster recovery capabilities far in excess of more in-house services.

Flexibility of users
Cloud hosting is perfect for growing businesses start with even a single user, and add or reduce capacity to suit your business, and in turn, save your precious money. As the subscription fee is based on the total number of user licensing, and is charged on a monthly basis. Therefore, because of this feature, you can focus more on your usual line of work.

Facilitates mobility
You can securely access hosted Dynamics NAV in the cloud any time, anywhere even on-the-go, through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client on virtually any device.

Accelerated Deployment
Get your business on track faster. Hosted Dynamics NAV solution generally offer faster deployment options than onsite On-Premise solution.

Easy customization
Each enterprise has its own kind of requirements and financial constraints. With virtually no restrictions on customizations, you can take advantage of MetaOption’s expertise to develop a highly customized solution that suits your exact needs.

Support 24 x 7
Our expert technical support staff is responsible for the monitoring and performance of your infrastructure and applications. Our customers can reach our support help desk via phone, email, and Skype.

Let our experts help you keep cost down while ensuring your NAV environment is available anywhere, any time. Contact Us.

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