Attendance and Leave Management System - Web, iPad, iPhone and Android devices
Attendance Leave Management System (ALMS)

MetaOption ALMS (Attendance & Leave Management System) offers many interesting features and solves business problems of many organizations.

ALMS is a cloud based application that works from all major internet browsers and all mobile phones (Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet).



• Leave Management (apply for leaves, approve leaves, track leaves from web and mobile, supports flexible organization specific leave rules and policies)

• Attendance Management (capture attendance from mobile apps, computer laptop/desktop, swipe card reader, biometric readers - all at one centralized place)

• Capture screens (Allows organizations to capture employees computer screens at certain intervals, captured screens available to managers from web and mobile interface)

• Location Tracking (Allows organizations to track locations of employees in field in real-time, presents nice graph on web and mobile to the managers)


Advantages of using MetaOption Attendance & Leave Management System:

- Maintains all records in a centralized manner, thus ease the task of tracking leaves & attendance.
- Manages different leave types, leave history of all employees.
- Support distributed business units.
- Support unlimited number of users and user groups.
- Upload and download information’s, adds flexibility in work.
- Email notification services on leaves process.
- Manages different user roles.
- Assign accessibility and accessing security, and many more.
- Capture Screens reporting
- Location Tracking reporting


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